The friendly face behind the glass

How many times have you had the need to make a simple deposit, cash withdrawal or loan payment and you have limited time to do it? Our drive up facilities are designed to handle just such situations.

We take pride in our drive up's. They are designed to serve our members efficiently, with no compromise in quality.  Can they handle every type of transaction, unfortunately no. Members with requests that involve a bit more time such as coin deposits, purchase of VISA gift cards or requesting copies of checks or statements may want to either use our lobby or just call ahead and we'll get things ready.

We have many members that use our drive up's almost exclusively, seldom setting foot in the lobby. Our staff knows many of these members on a first name basis, even the kids that are along for the ride. Many of these kids have enjoyed a lollipop or two from their visit, even the family dog has enjoyed a treat from our staff.

We're here to serve; it's never a pane to us!

Sleepy Eye Member Services Representative's