Around the World in 80 days

Many of us daydream about being a world traveler and seeing the wonders of the world, while others look to take dreams to their ancestor's homeland. Much planning will go into this endeavor and one small item may escape your checklist, how am I going to pay for items when I land at my destination? This is where SouthPoint can ease your worries. We offer a foreign currency purchase service that allows you to purchase currency in advance of leaving that will also save you some additional cash from the resort -like prices to convert your U.S. dollars to the local currency. SouthPoint also offers Visa Travel Money Cards that are able to put funds onto, similar to a gift card, which provides you with additional security if you do not like carrying a lot of cash. Once you stop in and see how easy it is, you will be thinking about where to plan your next adventure.

Brian Goblirsch - Finance Specialist