it Makes "Cents"...

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "How in the world it is possible to start saving money?"  There are many people who are pinching their pennies these days.  What if there was a quick and easy way to start saving?  Do you have hopes for a vacation, or are you wondering how you will pay for Christmas presents, or maybe even start a savings for your children's college?  We just might have a solution for you!

Change adds up!  Have you ever emptied out your pocket or purse and realized how light it was after?  What if you take that change and bank it?  Our member savings account is a great place to put that extra spare change.  Take your pay check for example and round it down.  Say your check every two weeks is $798.68.  Round your check down to $790.00 and throw that extra $8.68 into your savings.  It might seem like a small amount now, but that adds up to almost $20 a month, exactly $208.32 a year!  Keep adding that small change to whatever you have in your pocket or change jar and after a while you may just find yourself ahead of the game.  It makes "cents", right? 

Erin Krohn, Member Services Representative