What Would I Do Without Email?

I often think about how in the world I was ever able to communicate with co-workers, family, and friends prior to the incredible invention of email.  I don't necessarily like talking on the phone, so I assume I am much more in touch with these people in my life now that email is so easy and convenient to use.

But, I do sometimes look back at the emails I send and wonder if the ‘real' meaning of my message was communicated.  And, I do occasionally have concerns about whether email is the best method of communicating some ideas.  Below are a few tips that I found helpful to enhance email communication and make it more professional. 

  • Make the subject line actually mean something.
  • Keep your message short.
  • DON'T TYPE LIKE THIS - people may think you're yelling at them.
  • When you reply to an email, include some sort of short ‘recap' of the prior message.
  • Watch your spelling.
  • Answer emails quickly - minimum of within one working day.
  • Use a signature file - most clients can automatically insert a file of who you are, what you do and your contact information.
  • Format your message so it is easy to read - use white space and bullet points to help made the message easier to pick out important points.

And, the one thing I always like to keep in mind when sending an email is to ask myself, is email the best way to communicate this message or should I be picking up the phone or talking to this person face to face?  I hope you find these tips helpful!

Patti Gohl, VP of Operations