Budgets, Emergency Fund and more

Have you recently checked your finances to see where you may be able to benefit with some different money managing strategies?  Some questions you may want to ask yourself would be as follows:

Do I have a budget?
I have recently worked on a budget for my own family and came to some eye opening realizations as to where our money is being spent.  It is a lot easier to save AND budget, if you first track your spending.

Do I stick to that budget?
Sticking to your budget brings gratification-especially if you are planning for specific future plans.

Do I have an emergency fund?
Did you know that putting even the small change from a payroll check or change laying around the house can help you build a financial cushion for future needs?

Have I planned for the long term (ie: retirement, college savings etc.)?
Once again-creating a budget for yourself/your family, will allow you some flexibility to start putting money away for these future needs!

SouthPoint can help you answer the above questions and work to plan for today AND tomorrow! Stop in and see a Financial Service Representative today and get your Financial Fitness checkup!  You will be glad you did!

Michelle Freiderich - Financial Services Representative